In public or a private company, a total of two-thirds of directors are appointed by the shareholders. … In the case of a private company, their Article of Association can prescribe the method to appoint any and all directors. In case the Articles are silent, the directors must be appointed by the shareholders.

What are the types of directors?
The following are the types of directors:

  • Executive director. H/she is the full-time working director of the company.
  • Non-Executive Directors.
  • Managing directors.
  • Independent directors.
  • Residential director.
  • Small Shareholder Directors.
  • Women directors.
  • Additional Directors.

How do you add a director?
How to Appoint or Add New Director in Private Limited Company

  1. Obtain Consent of Proposed Director:
  2. Digital Signature of Proposed Director :
  3. Obtain Director Identification Number (DIN):
  4. Issue of Notice of General Meeting:
  5. Hold Extra Ordinary General Meeting of the Company :
  6. Issue Letter of Appointment.
  7. File form DIR-12 to ROC.
  8. Making Necessary entries in Register of Directors.

How do you introduce a new director to a company?

Introduction. Start your announcement by welcoming the new hire and providing information about his background. For example, write, We’re proud to announce that John Smith will take over the executive director position recently vacated by the retiring Sue Davis.

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