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NBFC or Non-Banking Financial Companies or NBFCs are companies that are involved in the business of receiving deposits, advances, and loans, and acquisition of stock, shares and bonds, debentures, and securities that are granted by the government and are registered under the Companies Act 2013. There was a time when Annual Compliances of NBFCs in India were far simpler and indulgent but after the Sahara case, RBI has declared new NBFC compliances under their screening. To make the process easy, get guidance from our expert team!

Annual Compliance of NBFCs

The Annual Compliance of NBFCs or Non-Banking Financial Companies has been made efficient and stricter, to ensure the transactions both for their consumers and the government with lesser risk factors by disclosing the annual statements and returns.
NBFC-ND-SI (Non-Deposit category) is mandatory to file the annual documents and statements of capital funds and also risk asset ratio between others. Apart from these, the disclosure norms such as capital adequacy and liquidity are the other new additions that are recently added to the NBFC-ND Companies Prudential Norms Directions, 2007. Capital adequacy of the company has to be maintained at 15%

Monthly Compliances of NBFC-ND(Non-Deposit taking)

S No. Particulars Time Limit
1 Monthly Return by 7th of every month
2 Upload monthly by 7th of every month
S No. Particulars Time Limit
1 Appointment of Director(Annexure-III) within 30 days of appointment
2 Upload monthly return within 30 days of appointment


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