Changing objectives of a Company

Step 1: Pass board resolution. Pass a resolution at the board meeting to approve the object clause. 

Step 2: Special resolution in EGM. 

Step 3: MGT-14 to be filed with ROC. 

Step 4: Issuance of fresh certificate of incorporation. 

Step 5: Incorporating object clause in MoA and AoA.

A clause or clauses in the memorandum of a company setting out the objects of the company. It is important in relation to what the company can and cannot do both in regard to the world and in relation to its shareholders

Alteration of object clause of MOA under Companies Act 2013. The object clause of the Company is the third clause of memorandum of association of any Company stating the objects i.e. the business/purpose for which the Company is incorporated and any other matter considered necessary in furtherance thereof.

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