Section 13 of the Companies Act, 2013 deals with the change of name which says that the name of the company can be changed by a special resolution and with the approval of the Central Government. Approval of Central Government is not required if the change relates to the addition/deletion of the words “private” to the name

How can a company alter its name clause?

As per Section 13 of the Companies Act 2013, a company may change its name by passing a special resolution in a general meeting and receiving approval from the Central Government. Register to your company in  consult India at low cost of service.

Can the company name be changed?
The name adopted by a private limited company during incorporation can be changed later. To change the name of a private limited company, the consent of the shareholders through a special resolution and MCA approval are required. … The change of name of a company will not create a new company or new entity.
What is the most important document of a company?
The most important document in the constitution of a company is the Memorandum of Association of the company. The Articles of Association is the second most important document that needs to be registered by any company for its incorporation, registration and subsequent operation.

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