One Person Company

What is OPC (One Person Company) Registration?

The One Person Company (OPC) lately was dispatched as a decent refinement over the sole ownership. In OPC, a solitary advertiser acquires full authority over the organization in this manner limiting his/her obligation towards their commitments to the venture. Accordingly, the said individual will be the sole investor and chief (notwithstanding, a chief chosen one is available, yet has zero force until the genuine chief demonstrates unequipped for getting into the agreement). Likewise, there can be no chance for adding to representative investment opportunities or value subsidizing. Furthermore, if an OPC organization has a normal hat trick turnover of Rs. 2 crores and over or gets a settled up asset of Rs. 50 lakh and over, it must be changed over to a private restricted organization or public restricted organization inside a half year.

Another idea has been presented in the Company’s Act 2013, about the One Person Company (OPC). In a Private Company, at least 2 Directors and 2 Members are required while in a Public Company, at least 3 Directors and at least 7 individuals. A solitary individual couldn’t join a Company already.

In any case, presently according to Section 2(62) of the Company’s Act 2013, an organization can be shaped with only 1 Director and 1 part. It is a type of an organization where the consistence necessities are lesser than that of a privately owned business. 

Advantages of OPC Registration

The chiefs’ very own property is consistently protected in a private restricted organization, regardless of the obligations of the business.

Sole Proprietorships reach a conclusion with the passing of the owner. As an OPC organization has a different legitimate personality, it would give to the chosen one chief and, subsequently, keep on existing.

As an OPC needs to have its books reviewed every year, it has more noteworthy believability among sellers and loaning organizations.

one person company
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