Terms & conditions

GST Filing

This scheme is applicable for Proprietorship & Partnership Companies only (PVT LTD companies, please contact us to for further details)

Submission of Sales and Purchase details for monthly returns should be done through email by the subscriber, in required format along with invoice copies.

Subscriber should submit the details for monthly returns on or before the stipulated date (will be mentioned by Consult-India)

For monthly returns filing, OTP to be shared with Consult-India Team at the time of request.

For monthly returns filing, DSC is highly recommended & it will be handled by Consult-India team.

This scheme is applicable only for 12 months / 4 Quarters of Return Filing. It will not be applicable for any other works related with corresponding GSTIN (Amendments, Appeals, Reply to Notices and related tasks will be charged extra / separately)

Tax payable on every return if any, to be paid by Subscriber.

Class 3 DSC

Subscriber/Customer should share needed KYC by email & to complete Video KYC at the time of need.

Courier Charges to dispatch the DSC is EXTRA at actuals.

This DSC is valid for 2 years. After the validity period, it should be renewed.

ITR Filing

The Professional Charges will be fixed accordingly with the type, turnover & business of the customer. Please discuss with us for your actual tariff/charges.

Subscriber/Customer should share needed KYC, Bank Statements, Other needed details by email.

Subscriber/Customer will be solely responsible for the details submitted.

GST 18% for Professional Charges will be applicable.

Common for all

Statutory levies, tax, interest, late charges and penalty if any – particular Customer / Subscriber only should pay from their own.

While making returns, sharing of OTP, handover of DSC & making tax payments on due dates are fully responsible for Customers/Subscribers only.

Customers / Subscribers are only solely responsible for their submitting details of Sales, Purchase and related with GST returns. We will not have any response for the facts and truth on their details of business.

Thanks for subscribing to our service(s). We trust our services are appreciated and have helped you. However, if you are not completely satisfied with our services for any reason, please write to us at We are more than happy to address your grievances. 

Since this is a service providing company, we do not offer refunds for the services provided. You are free to cancel the subscription at any given point in time. However, in exceptional scenarios we will consider partial/full refund as the need be. But we are sure, our services will ensure you never get a feel to cancel the subscription. Looking forward to a long-lasting working relationship.

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